Therapy Services


I provide individual therapy and counseling at my office. I will also do home visits for pregnant folks on bedrest or parents of newborns with limited ability to travel.

I provide individual support on topics including:

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Pregnancy, infant, or breastfeeding loss

  • Depression

  • Adjusting to parenthood

  • Coming to peace with birth and breastfeeding experiences

  • Working through medical challenges

  • Stress and sadness for new fathers and parenting partners


I provide couples counseling at my office.

I provide couples support on topics including:

  • Communication

  • Challenges related to pregnancy, birth, parenting a newborn

  • Medical challenges

  • Life as empty nesters

Services Details

Appointments: In addition to daytime appointments, I offer some evening and weekend times.

Before we schedule a visit, I want to make sure my services are a good fit for you. Please call me or email me to inquire.

Fees: I charge $75 for the first intake sessions and $50 per session for established clients. I charge an additional $30 travel fee for home visits. If the cost of therapy is a barrier for you, let me know and we can talk and see if we can find a sliding scale fee that will let me pay my bills but still feel manageable to you.

Health insurance: I can not currently directly bill any health insurance providers.

My credential: I completed my Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy (MS-MFT) from Edgewood College in December 2018. I am doing my residency right now. This means I am working toward full licensure. My training license is from the State of Wisconsin: #651-228. I am supervised by Deb Polacek, LMFT, license #124-1111.

Privacy: As your therapist, I keep records of our visits and necessary information about you. I store these records using an industry-standard electronic health record system. The system meets HIPAA legal standards for security and privacy. I will explain my record keeping during our visit. You can also read a copy of the privacy practices here.